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This Weeks Citizens Tip – Picking a Home Contractor For the Stubborn DIYer

Frustrated Home Improvement Contractor

Parkersburg is filled with handymen.  The number of pickup trucks and toolboxes might outnumber the people.  Sometimes we can get a little too stubborn on doing something ourselves, and forget to that it might be best to go with a professional.  here are some tips on when to go it alone, versus getting a specialist for that home improvement project.

DIY Versus Contractors

Whenever you want to do, or are planning a home improvement project, you are going to have two options – either do it your self, or hire a contractor. Generally, there are some jobs that DIY enthusiasts can do on their own, and some that are just too complex or difficult to do yourself. In those cases, you should hire the job out to a contractor. However, for the stubborn DIYer, who thinks that they can do everything themselves, this can be hard. But if they hire the right contractor, DIYers can hire the job out, while still participating in the renovation.


The most important thing to consider is how well the contractor communicates. If you want to be fully involved, then you are going to need to hire a contractor who is willing to share with you very regular updates, and let you know everything that is going on. Without the regular updates, you will not feel as if you are a part of the process, and this can be difficult for many people. Communication should be discussed with the contractor before hiring them, to ensure both parties are on the same page.


Of course, you are going to want to hire a contractor who has the right skills for your job. While this may sound like common sense, some contractors have specialized skills, which cannot be hired out to do any job. However, due to pricing or other factors, they will be hired. Before you go through with paying and hiring a contractor, it is important that you see that they have the skills necessary for your exact job. Because if they don’t have the skills that are needed, why are you paying someone to do a job when they have the same skill levels as you?


Not all contractors are going to force you to be detached from the project. Many contractors will guide you step by step through each process that they are going to complete, and some will even teach you how they do their job. For those who want to be able to have the skills necessary to complete more jobs on their own in the future, the expert knowledge of home contractors can be invaluable, especially if they are willing to take the time to teach you how to complete various tasks.

Share Responsibilities

While some home contractors are willing to teach you skills, some will even let you share the responsibilities of completing the job. This of course will depend on whether or not you as the client want to participate in the renovations. But some contractors can give you small tasks that you can complete on your own. This allows you to be a large part of the renovations, as well as learn new skills from an expert. If this is something that you are interested in, you must always ask the contractor before you hire them for their services.



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