Trips for Traveling out of State – Finding Locksmiths and other Services that you might need

Early summer last year, I was traveling with a group of friends for a weekend getaway to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Wee carried all necessary gear we needed to make our visit as comfortable as possible. We arrived late that evening and famished and fatigued from the 300+ mile long drive, to our first rude shock. We had completely forgotten to carry the keys to the cabin! The cabin was in a bad condition. Part of the steel roofing was rusted and prone to leaking in the event rainfall and parts of the wall had gaping holes. After managing to break down the door, we realized that someone had made his way inside the cabin through the gaping holes and vandalized the pantry making away with everything in it. Suddenly it dawned on us that it would be a long night ahead of us due to the sorry state the cabin was in. It was almost dark outside, and dark clouds were settling in.

All said and done, we put our heads together and we able to get everything sorted. Needless to say that despite the setbacks we were able to have a memorable and enjoyable week end.

This experience taught me a few do’s and don’ts to consider while traveling out of state. Let me share a few of these.

Have Your Phone and Charger Handy

GPS System for Car

GPS is crucial nowadays when traveling far from home.

Carry your mobile phone or preferably a smart phone with you. Make sure you have a backup battery or an alternative charging system e.g. a power bank or a solar based charger. Also make sure you have sufficient airtime in case you need to make calls out of state that are affected by roaming charges.

Food and a GPS

Carry sufficient food to last you through the stay or buy some on your way to your destination. This is in case there is no food service available at your destination. Carry a map in case you don’t have a smart phone that has GPS services. It will help you in getting around your area in case you are lost. If you have a smart phone reference to google maps and other map applications to get around.Research in advance on the expected weather during your stay at the cabin.

Good Equipment + Emergency Services

A Locksmith for yrou Automobile

Never know when you might need a locksmith, especially traveling out of state.

This will help you carry the right gear needed to make your stay as comfortable as possible.Make sure your vehicle is well serviced and in good condition. Make sure you have one or two spare tires, an extra can of fuel and all necessary tools needed to change tires and other functions.As you pass by the nearest town, ask at the local diner and gas station for a directory to emergency services. If there is no directory get a contact of a resourceful person that can assist you in case of an emergency. You can take a further step to inform the local sheriff of your arrival and the period of your stay.

This was what actually saved our day. We had to locate a Locksmith Fort Lauderdale that repaired the broken lock and a carpenter who repaired the roof and the walls. He also brought along some food to last the night. Finally make sure you have enough money with you. If you don’t have cash make sure you carry your debit or credit cards for emergency situations.