Tips for long distance moving

Moving is not a breeze. Long-distance moving is even more stressful especially if you have not made appropriate plans. It requires preparation and even laying down contingency plans and resources in case something goes contrary to your expectation. Here are a few tips to help relieve some of the stress.

Know where you are going

Before you start packing, you need to research the area you are going. This means knowing the lifestyle, the space in your new home, and the weather among other things. This information will help you decide what you need to carry and what you should get rid of. The summer temperatures in Sarasota, for instance, are oppressively hot but the winter seasons are more forgiving with very rare snowfall. If you are moving from Sarasota to Parkersburg, you will probably need less of the hot summer stuff. Aside from the weather, lifestyle, and space, you should probably have information on accessing emergency services in your city.

Spring cleaning

Start by cleaning out your house of the old stuff that you don’t use and the worn-out stuff. This will reduce the stuff you need to pack, move and unpack. If you have things that you won’t need, which are still in good condition, you could try selling them. Someone else might need them. Organize a garage sale in good condition that you will not need. This might leave you with much less to carry and a little extra cash in your pocket. If there are things you need to replace or you need to buy new items, get them from your new city instead of increasing the items you need to move.

Find a good moving company

You have the option of driving yourself or getting a long-distance driver to move your stuff to your new home. If, however, you want someone to take more of the moving burden off your shoulders, a moving company like Sarasota moving company is what you need. You, however, need to be careful as you select a moving company. Check their license and the status of insurance as well as their experience. If the company has handled moving jobs to the area you are moving to, that will be better for you because they are already familiar with the area. You should also find out their fees. Do they charge a flat fee or not. Some companies can even handle the packing, transportation and unpacking thus you need to find out what they do and don’t offer. Whichever moving company and services you choose, you need to learn as much as possible about it.

Start packing early

Get an adequate amount of packing supplies including moving boxes and blankets, packing papers, stretch wrap, packing tape, and mattress and furniture covers. Do this early enough so that you have enough time to pack. This way you avoid the last minute rush. Label the boxes in a way that will make it easy for you to know which items are contained in each box. This will also help you know where to place the boxes so that unpacking can be easier.