This program was started by a local businessman, Bob Brownfield of Obermeyer’s Florist, who wanted to buy a bullet proof vest for a police officer. After meeting with city officials, he did purchase a vest on March 3, 1994. He then assisted the department’s staff in organizing an on-going program to provide vests for all of our officers.

Public response was overwhelming, and in three months we had outfitted the entire uniform division (45 officers) with new body armor. Several months later the entire department had a new vest.

The department has since been able to provide new vests for officers upon being hired, as well as replacing vests when necessary–all without taking a single dollar out of the city’s already-stretched budget.

In an address to civic leaders on the vest program, department officials said “This is the most personal heart-felt sign of community support this agency has ever seen.”

Inquiries about the Adopt-A-Cop Program should be directed to Lieutenant Jerry Harvey, Community Relations, Parkersburg Police Department, PO Box 1167, Parkersburg, WV 26102, or call 424-8444.