Local Tree Ordinances for Tree Removal and Pruning in West Virginia

Generally it is not a overly to have trees removed from your property. All you need is to call up the professionals (definitely don’t try to do it yourself!) and they take care of the rest. However, there are some states and localities which have certain laws and ordinances around removing trees.  They also have various guides that are needed for helping home owners identify the trees that affect their property, such as our Parkersburg Tree Commission.

One example, in West Virginia it is made very clear that the branches and other remains of the trees are to be removed by the owners only and the state or the city would handle them, even if they fall in the street.  In other states like Michigan, the laws are much different, including regulations over when a homeowner can or can’t remove a tree.  Most often there are requirements that trees must be removed if they are threatening to fall or break.

Here are the the necessary steps for the proper pruning of the trees:

1. It is always advised to use the proper technique for pruning of the trees. It is always better to call in for the specialists and professionals who are equipped with the modern techniques for the pruning.

2. It is best to remove or prune the trees during the latent seasons. It is wise to dismantle the trees in this season because one can remove the dead ends and the branches easily rather than the time when the tree is young.

3. It is necessary to follow the local laws since one gets to know the proper information and better understanding the law as well as the procedure to be followed while removing the trees.

The basic facts which are included while one removes the trees in West Virginia:

Workers in a tree service

Don’t try this at home. Tree services are heavy duty operations that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

According to the local tree Ordinances in West Virginia, there is no such law and regulation which needs to be followed when one wants to remove the trees from the personal property of the people. However, one should check out with the minor regulations which come under the state while one needs to remove the trees.

1. One basic fact is if the property of a person comes under the association of the homeowners then there are certain restrictions for the removal of the trees and vegetation as well. One needs to consult the association and then after taking proper permission from them before they remove the trees.

2. If one is engaged in the growing of timbers in the personal property, this certainly comes under the department of forestry of West Virginia.

3. 2500 square feet of the property should be kept free before one starts cutting down of the trees.

4. The parking zone and the other areas are also being to kept clear and one should take care so that it does not hamper the other residents of the area.

So it is necessary to consult the department of forestry and also keep informed about the local laws before one gets engaged in the cutting the trees.


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