Citizen Update – Bail Bondsman in the Downtown Area

Bail bondsman

Bail Bondsman, commonly known as bail bond agent or bond dealer is a licensed person who pledges money or property as surety for the appearance of an accused in court.  They are usually a licensed agent according to the state law and can provide services for criminal or civil types of bails. It is important to hire one locally so that the help is immediately available and the bail bondsman is able to reach out to the defendant’s family or friends for fee and details.

Bondsman are an important local service in downtown areas where the court areas usually reside, as is the case with Parkersburg. For instance, an Atlanta bail bondsman will follow different regulations and have different insurances then those in West Virginia.  They are typically associated with an insurance company or organization that provides bail bonds for different crimes. Bondsman in downtown areas can free the violators from needing immediate cash with their services and knowledge of the local proceedings.

High Use for Traffic Violations

Bondsman in downtown areas can keep you out of jail till the court date only if you are arrested for traffic violations. Bondsman is an important local service for downtown areas because of commonly occurring reckless driving incidents. The bail bondsman can help you get a bail bond for huge unpaid traffic fines so that you can set a court date and then have an opportunity to negotiate the penalty that you have incurred. Most downtown areas invite traffic related incidents and the violator usually ends up receiving a huge penalty for the violation. Thus these bondsman is an important service in downtown areas because they can get you a court date which will provide the defendant an opportunity to present your case and get a fair trial.

Bondsman Fees

Bondsman will charge a fee for the bail bond agreement as regulated by state laws. In most cases, it is a standard percentage of the bail amount as set by the court. When they are in downtown areas they often provide an opportunity for the defendants to fight traffic ticket penalties without actually having to pay the heavy fines for a nominal fee. Bondsman in downtown areas save you the hassles of the complicated judiciary processes.

Some offer payment plans to accommodate your budgets and are important local services since they will represent their clients in the entire bail process giving peace of mind to their clients.  It’s unclear whether the one currently opening in Downtown Parkersburg has these accomodations.


While it’s an unfortunate event to need to make bail, these services ensure that you or your loved one who is arrested is outside of jail within a few hours, which will mean good health and keep you free of mental anxieties caused by the stressful bail and judiciary processes and make it a cheaper process.