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West Virginia Tree Removal Permit Ordinance Information

A number of states and cities in the United States of America such as California have state laws and ordinances on the removal of trees, including those on private property. This move has been adopted in order to protect certain types of trees that are considered endangered as well as to help stop or slow down the rate of deforestation and environmental degradation. It is thus important for residents in different states and cities to be aware of the existing ordinances regarding tree removal lest they find themselves in trouble with authorities.

The state of Virginia has put no laws in place laying requirements on private property owners to obtain tree removal permits when they want to remove a tree on their property. There are no tree species that are being protected through special requirements. City authorities have also not been given any special powers regarding trees on private land. The sole responsibility of taking care of trees including planting, trimming, pruning, transplanting, and removal falls on the shoulders of the private property owners. They’re however required to make sure that their trees don’t obstruct public areas such as roads.

While there are no state regulations and most cities such the capital, Charleston, also don’t have ordinances for tree planting, maintenance and removal on private property, some cities like Parkersburg have guides such as the tree commission to help private owners identify problem trees that may need maintenance or removal. They also have clearly stated responsibilities for the private property owners and the city’s department of public works; details of which are included in treeremovalpermit.com/west-virginia/parkersburg-ordinance-permit-arborist/. There may also be minor regulations that private owners are subject to.

Minor Regulations

While state regulations on trees in private property lack in West Virginia, there may be minor local regulations governing some aspects of tree planting, maintenance, and removal. If for instance, your property falls under an association of homeowners, you may be subject to a number of regulations regarding the tree planting, maintenance requirements, and removal. The specific details of what aspects are controlled vary between associations. Therefore, it is important to check the rules of your local homeowner’s association. The general expectation across West Virginia, however, is that private property owners ensure their trees are not a nuisance to their neighbors.

Tree-related disputes

Generally, in West Virginia, some rules govern tree-related neighborhood disputes. In case disputes arise regarding a tree that straddles neighboring properties; both parties are required to reach an agreement before any of them cuts down the tree. For branches that have grown into the neighbor’s compound, the neighbor has the right to cut the branches as long as the action doesn’t damage the entire tree. Should such an action result in the death of the tree, the neighbor can be held liable.

Responsibilities for Public Areas

Unlike private property, public spaces are subject to regulations set at the county or city levels. The city of Summersville, for instance, has ordinances that control the planting of trees as well as their maintenance and removal in public areas such as parks, streets, and city-owned property. For loggers, regulations exist under the West Virginia forest service. These govern timber harvesting and trucking which among other things requires those engaging in such activities to fulfill certification and licensing requirements for their activities to be legal.
This is some helpful information, but it is still important to research more on what is restricted in your town.

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Important Parkersburg Emergency Services

Parkersburg, a thriving city in West Virginia, whose history goes back to the 18th century, boasts of museums and historical sites that are a tourist attraction. Being home to oil, gas and plastic industries, the city employs a large population in the area. With natural beauty, relatively low crime rates, generally good weather, education and healthcare facilities and the cost of living that is below average cost of living; this city is an attraction for many people. A number of emergency services are also available. Here are several important emergency services for people visiting, or living and working in Parkersburg.

Law enforcement emergencies

Although Parkersburg has a relatively low crime rate, incidents can still occur. If this happens, the Parkersburg police can be reached by dialing 911 for emergencies or calling (304) 424-8444.


Cases of lost keys, home, car, or business premises lock that just won’t open are all that rare. If you find yourself locked out of your house, car or business premises in Parkersburg, many professional locksmiths can help you out of sticky lock situations. They can repair a damaged lock, safely open the locked door, cut new keys on site and install new locks among other services.

Mr. Key Locksmithing
Address: Parkersburg, WV, USA
Phone: +1 740-336-1449

Runyon Lock Services
Address: 1129 19th St, Parkersburg, WV 26101, USA
Phone: +1 304-485-7041

Medical emergency services

With multiple hospitals in the area, residents and visitors in Parkersburg can access emergency medical services. There are several ambulance and air ambulance services available in the city from providers such as the St. Joseph’s, community, Camden Clerk, life and ACC Medlink ambulance services. The phones for some of these ambulance services may not be manned full-time. However, dialing 911 will get you the help you need. There are many other service providers available in Parkersburg.

Ritchie Regional Health Center-South Parkersburg Campus
Address: 1513 Blizzard Dr, Parkersburg, WV 26101, USA
Phone: +1 304-699-0809

St. Joseph’s Ambulance Services
Address: Parkersburg, WV 26102, USA
Phone: +1 304-424-4473

Fire and rescue services

Accidental fires can occur. The city of Parkersburg has a fully functional fire department that is ready to respond to emergencies. With six well-equipped fire stations catering to different areas of the city, the department provides quick response to emergency calls. In case of a fire emergency, 911 is the number to call to get assistance. Contacts for each fire station are also listed on the fire department’s website. There are also two vessels ready to respond to incidents on the Little Kanahwa and Ohio rivers.

Parkersburg Fire Department
Address: 1 Government Sq, Parkersburg, WV 26101, USA
Phone: +1 304-424-8470


Roofing, plumbing, and sewer problems can occur at any time requiring urgent repairs. There are many roofing, plumbing and construction firms within Petersburg that can provide emergency repair services. The city also has a repair program that helps residents to repair their homes in case of emergencies. The emergencies covered include roofs seriously damaged by fire, the wind, or a falling tree and broken-down heating systems during winter.

Other problems addressed include plumbing issues that are a health hazard and electrical problems that pose that are a safety hazard or can cause a fire. This service is however available subject to a number of eligibility requirements based on income, the number of families living in the home and the whether it is owner-occupied. Further information on the program is made available through the city’s development department.

United Construction Co
Address: 4908 Rosemar Rd, Parkersburg, WV 26104, USA
Phone: +1 304-422-2141

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This Weeks Citizens Tip – Picking a Home Contractor For the Stubborn DIYer

Frustrated Home Improvement Contractor

Parkersburg is filled with handymen.  The number of pickup trucks and toolboxes might outnumber the people.  Sometimes we can get a little too stubborn on doing something ourselves, and forget to that it might be best to go with a professional.  here are some tips on when to go it alone, versus getting a specialist for that home improvement project.

DIY Versus Contractors

Whenever you want to do, or are planning a home improvement project, you are going to have two options – either do it your self, or hire a contractor. Generally, there are some jobs that DIY enthusiasts can do on their own, and some that are just too complex or difficult to do yourself. In those cases, you should hire the job out to a contractor. However, for the stubborn DIYer, who thinks that they can do everything themselves, this can be hard. But if they hire the right contractor, DIYers can hire the job out, while still participating in the renovation.


The most important thing to consider is how well the contractor communicates. If you want to be fully involved, then you are going to need to hire a contractor who is willing to share with you very regular updates, and let you know everything that is going on. Without the regular updates, you will not feel as if you are a part of the process, and this can be difficult for many people. Communication should be discussed with the contractor before hiring them, to ensure both parties are on the same page.


Of course, you are going to want to hire a contractor who has the right skills for your job. While this may sound like common sense, some contractors have specialized skills, which cannot be hired out to do any job. However, due to pricing or other factors, they will be hired. Before you go through with paying and hiring a contractor, it is important that you see that they have the skills necessary for your exact job. Because if they don’t have the skills that are needed, why are you paying someone to do a job when they have the same skill levels as you?


Not all contractors are going to force you to be detached from the project. Many contractors will guide you step by step through each process that they are going to complete, and some will even teach you how they do their job. For those who want to be able to have the skills necessary to complete more jobs on their own in the future, the expert knowledge of home contractors can be invaluable, especially if they are willing to take the time to teach you how to complete various tasks.

Share Responsibilities

While some home contractors are willing to teach you skills, some will even let you share the responsibilities of completing the job. This of course will depend on whether or not you as the client want to participate in the renovations. But some contractors can give you small tasks that you can complete on your own. This allows you to be a large part of the renovations, as well as learn new skills from an expert. If this is something that you are interested in, you must always ask the contractor before you hire them for their services.



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How are West Virginians Sleeping? A look at sleep quality in Apalachia

Sleep Problems


Sleeping is a very essential part of our health. when our sleep is disturbed, it can lead a various physiological and psychological disorders.  According to the Centre of Disease Control (CDC), West Virginia is the most sleep-deprived state in the US.  In a 2008 poll conducted on residents of all the US states, west Virginia scored 38.6% of the percentage of residents that had insufficient sleep in a month.

Analysis on how west Virginians are sleeping and a look at the sleep quality in Appalachia:

  • A study showed that west virginians lack of sleep doubled due to health problems like obesity
  • It was also found that the number of health problems and poor medical facilities were high in west Virginia than any other state.
  • It was suggested that 1 in 5 people in west Virginia does not get enough sleep.
  • Experts also suggest that the financial stress and odd-hour work shifts could also play roles in sleep deprivation among Virginia residents.

A recent study was conducted in the heart of Appalachia to answer the as to why this place has more than double the rate of bad sleep than places like Wisconsin.  The researchers did look at a lot of factors ranging from education to income rates to alcohol drinking to physical and mental health.  The study revealed that younger people with low incomes and poor health conditions were more likely to live in place with high rates of bad sleep.

The counties in Appalachia are the most economically distressed in the US which could be the major factor as to why there are high rates of sleep deprived residents unable to get a wonderful night’s sleep.

A combination of health and money worries is keeping the residents of Appalachia awake all night is the current hypothesis.

It is still unclear about the exact cause but there have been a number of sleep centre that have set up to help tackle the problem of sleeplessness.

How to Improve sleep quality in places like Parkersburg:

A lots of factors need to be taken into consideration but the major factors from the study and health and only issues.

1: Government should invest in youth related programs in order to get the youth engaged in work to earn a living.

2: Health care and Medicare costs should be subsidized to improve the scope of the heath care coverage in Appalachia.

3: Food Stamp programs should be pushed forward more to cater for a wide range of individuals from various economic backgrounds.

4: Education should be made more affordable with a increase in scholarships and grants for economically challenged families or communities.

5: Night curfews should be initiated including alcohol curfews in order to keep residents in doors at night.


On an individual basis, sleep improvement depends on one simple factor and this is maintaining the Circadian sleep rhythms. The maintenance of these rhythms involves:; Early bed time, Regular body detox, proper diet and exercise and low stress levels. West Virginians should encourage friends and family with sleep disorders to attend sleep improvement centers if the disorder is detrimental to they health and very uncomfortable.


Water Crisis in America, Will West Virginia be Affected?

The Water Crisis in America is major issue which is not being brought into the light by the media or the government of the USA; it is hardly spoken of. The crisis is not something that has just originated out of nowhere but rather something that has been there for decades.

The majority of water pipes in the United States are made from lead which is a time bomb in itself. With the passage of time, lead will keep breaking and keep contaminating the water system. The length of the lead pipes is approximately 1.2 million miles, with a lifespan of 75 years only and with many pipes reaching this age, it will cost around $1 trillion to fix those pipes.

According to a report released by the Reuters on December 19, 2016 about America’s drinking water, there are 3000 locations with very high lead contamination rate of the drinking water.

According to another report from the Michigan State University, there will be various additive factors that will result in a large population of the USA not being able to afford water at all in the near future. The State clearly has no funds to take care of a crisis of such a scale. The water crisis has already resulted in a rise of about 41% in the water rates since 2010.

Take a look at this map put together by WaterNews, showing water condition by state.  You’ll notice West Virginia is in deep red:

Water Crises Infographic

Now the question is will West Virginia (and Parkersburg) be affected? Again? The answer is a bitter yes!

The West Virginia Water Crises

On 9th January 2017 was the 5th anniversary of the West Virginia Water Crisis. This happened when a small two – week old company that stored and processed coal-processing chemicals from 11 huge, 48,000-gallon containment units on the shores of Elk River accidentally allowed 7,500 gallons of the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHP) to seep through the region’s main source of drinking water. An estimated 300,000 people got their drinking water from this source.

Obviously, in this type of situation you should never drink unfiltered tapwater, but some people didn’t not have many options.  Where some people had the ability to forego drinking, bathing or cooking with the contaminated tap water, others just did not have another option. After two years, although the government has lifted the warning and declared the water safe, people are still scared of drinking tap water. The water crisis is not resolved yet, it has just begun.

Lawsuits have been filed against several authorities responsible for the incident and the negligence of the safety standards. Numerous civil suits were also filed which included 50 against West Virginia American Water. There were several personal injury lawsuits filed against major responsible authorities within nine months after the incident but nothing has practically been done to eliminate the risk permanently.

Historic Problem

The West Virginia water crisis was one of the worst water crisis in the history of America. Each state shall be responsible for creating laws and legislations to fulfill the EPA’s federal clean water act, but just like West Virginia, many other states do not have any such federal acts.

For those of you who are still not aware of the health hazards caused as a result of lead contamination, there is definitely need to fidn out more about this hazard for the protection of your children. High lead levels in the blood may not affect one immediately but they do have prolonged side effects.

We need to raise our voices on this matter before things get out of hand.