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Accessibility for aging citizens- what cities need to do

Older persons come across challenges (increasing) due to the changes they go through due to their age like sensory changes. In a city that is supposed to be age-friendly services, community policies and structures associated with the environment (physical and social) are specifically made to sustain and enable the older persons to age in an […]

Moving to Parkersburg, WV? Here’s what you need to know

If you are planning to move to Parkersburg, WV alone or with your family either for work purposes or studies then it is important to gather all the information so that the entire process can be smooth and stress free.  If you are moving, here’s what you need to know so that the relocation can […]

Prepare Early for Tax Season with these Accounting Tips

The onset of tax season is usually associated with several uncertainties that call for adequate prior preparation. For all accounting professionals, it is paramount to prepare for the tax season early enough so as to avoid such uncertainties. Preparation for tax season is also vital in enabling accounting professionals to sum up annual financial transactions. […]

Citizen Update – Bail Bondsman in the Downtown Area

Bail Bondsman, commonly known as bail bond agent or bond dealer is a licensed person who pledges money or property as surety for the appearance of an accused in court.  They are usually a licensed agent according to the state law and can provide services for criminal or civil types of bails. It is important […]